• Been a while

    due to University & other stuff going on, I haven't had the time to post in a while. I'll try to post this week, don't you worry. :)
  • Radiohead is a phenomenon

    I've had the fortune to see Radiohead yesterday, at the Wuhlheide stage in Berlin It was just... simply... amazing. It's hard to explain the sheer awesomeness of the entire performance, it's really once in a lifetime thing (unless you see them again :) ) After 5 encores and basically everything...
  • Fruits, Fruits, Fruits!

    It's been a while since I wrote anything, so since I had a little time on my hands, I decided to write about the increasing fruit obsession that is taking over me. Unlike most obsession, I regard this one as positive (although I guess the Obsessee, if you will, doesn't...
  • Rise Against

    Just came back from a concert of Rise Against. I can some it up in 2 words: Holy Shit. The concert started at 20:00, whereas I went in early to get a good place to stand, the place was already pretty packed with extreme fans. But I managed to get...
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers at O2 World

    Last night I went to see one of the bands I've been hoping to see since I was a child - The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The show was amazing! I seriously can't believe I actually saw such an amazing band, only 30 mins away from home. Amazing.   Some...
  • Okara madness! (or: Recipe for Okara Burgers)

    Friday afternoon I made 3 Liters of Soy Milk (which now I can say in retrospect... that was waaaay too much). At any rate, the process making of soy milk is pretty simple: Put the soy beans in water for 8-12 hours (I just put them and forget about it...
  • Rehberge Park & Plötzensee

    Today I went walking to Rehberge Park, which is 10 minutes from my house, and honestly, I can't believe I didn't go there sooner. Living for about 3 months in Wedding, this was my first walk in the park, and I will surely come more often from now on.
  • Birthday

    Today is the first birthday I celebrate since moving to Germany. In the past year I have done quite a lot. Essentially, I've changed from being a young guy having most of my life taken care of, to a completely independent person. all that In a foreign country with but a basic...
  • The new Rail in Jerusalem

    I've had the chance to visit (last Friday) Jerusalem, on the first day of the new Rail (Metro). The tickets are free (!!) for the next 2 weeks, and the ride is pretty comfortable, although I would suggest getting there earlier than 10:30 (it gets pretty crowded later).
  • A day in Szczecin

    Yesterday I went with a couple of friends to the city of Szczecin, Poland. A remarkably nice city, with many beautiful buildings. Naturally you can see the Griffin in almost every one of them, as well as many old German scriptures, some erased by the Soviets at that time.