Yesterday I went with a couple of friends to the city of Szczecin, Poland.
A remarkably nice city, with many beautiful buildings.
Naturally you can see the Griffin in almost every one of them,
as well as many old German scriptures, some erased by the Soviets at that time.

After enjoying Ice creams, Fish, and other assorted desserts (ok, fish is not a dessert for most sane people, so what), we got to watch a town wedding.
It was really quite sweet, it seems like the whole town knew about it,
the church was big enough to fit maybe 30 people, and the ceremony
was really old fashion, at least to me it seems that way.

All in all, a very good day, nice to get out of the border from time to time,
being exposed to new cultures can only give a very healthy perspective of the world.
At least that’s my opinion :)

By the way, the river is the Oder river.

Cute car! Must be from the future!