Just came back from a concert of Rise Against.
I can some it up in 2 words: Holy Shit.

The concert started at 20:00, whereas I went in early to get a good
place to stand, the place was already pretty packed with extreme fans.
But I managed to get a pretty good location.

The first warm up band, Touche Amore weren't really my kind of music,
but they did a hell of a show.

Now the Architects (the second warm up band)  were fucking insane!
Actually did a wall of death inside a warehouse concert, nice.

At about 22:00 came the main act, Rise Against.

Starting with Survivor Guilt, showing background clips of general world injustices,
They definitely know how to get the crowd into the right set of mind.

I'm glad to say every song I wanted to hear was played.
And even a cool acoustic version of Audience Of One [nice touch]!


Some pictures I was able to take
(as the crowd was quite wild, the camera was moving a lot, sorry.)