It's been a while since I wrote anything,
so since I had a little time on my hands, I decided to write about the increasing
fruit obsession that is taking over me.

Unlike most obsession, I regard this one as positive
(although I guess the Obsessee, if you will, doesn't normally consider himself as having a negative obsession).

At any rate, I've been looking through a few pictures that I took
of fruits I bought in the Market, and it seems that the amount is increasing through time!

01 02 03 04 05
Ok even looking at those pictures again makes me hungry... I also realized I need to get more watermelon, but that's always true.

Other than that, I've recently purchased an E-reader, Trekstor eBook Reader Pyrus, it's very cheap (70 euros)
and does everything I need it to do, currently reading The Idiot - Dostoyevsky .


Until next time!