• imageDock jQuery plugin

    I've recently needed an image gallery built, with some sort
    of a good looking Dock.
    My problem was, that all the docks I've seen try to emulate Apple's
    dock, but I didn't want the sizes to change, I just wanted a nice flow,
    so I just built my own dock.

    Example Page

    all you need to do is write a small JS code:

    $(window).load(function() {
    initDock($('#dock'),$('#dock img.active'),250,25);


    on window.load otherwise Chrome can't calculate the image sizes,
    paramter 1 - the div that holds the images
    parameter 2 - the default active image
    parameter 3 - basically the radius of the "affected" images,
    that is, the maximum distance needed for an image to start moving.
    parameter 4 - the maximum distance the images would move (upward)

    for some reason the plugin doesn't work well in Firefox 4 for linux
    (not sure why yet)


    Download imageDock Plugin

    jQuery plugin Page

  • Custom Cursor plugin

    Ever wanted to create Custom Cursor for different elements on your page?

    It is a little known fact that although possible through CSS, custom cursors don't work
    in most browsers! what a shame.

    I made this small plugin to simply enable people create custom cursors with any
    image format they wish (unlike the CSS solution that makes you use .cur files, ha?!)

    Example Page

    all you need to do is write a small JS code:

    $(document).ready(function() {<br />
    customcursor($('#smileDiv'),'smile.gif');<br />

    of course you can insert the line inside an already existing document.ready function


    Download Custom Cursor Plugin

    jQuery plugin Page

  • Next and Prev Wrap

    Ever wanted to do a .next() or .prev() on jQuery and make
    it automatically wrap around (so if there's no next, just choose the first..)?

    Well, it's quite simple, but I made a small script for that.
    all you have to do is instead of $('element').next() just write $('element').nextWrap()
    and instead of $('element').prev() it's $('element').prevWrap()


    Now it's possible to add a selector  (only if you want to :-) )

    if you want the next element that is an image, simply write $(this).nextWrap('img')
    this will work like the normal jQuery selectors!




  • waitForAnimation

    A small script that executes the given commands AFTER
    all animation is done.

    I created this small scripts, it seems like many, many people would like
    to do some commands after all animations are done, which make sense
    because jQuery animations are asynchronous, which means that the
    other lines of code are being executed while the animation is still in progress.

    as always, jQuery is required.



  • SlideNSwap Controllers Plugin

    I just finished developing the SlideNSwap Controllers plugin!
    What I simply did was adding 3 buttons on hover: back, pause and hover.
    Example Page

    a CSS file is attached to this plugin, I recommend to change it as much as you want, I just did something really basic.


    Download slideNSwap Controllers Plugin:
    the JS File
    the CSS File

    github page

    jQuery plugin Page

  • SlideNswap

    SlideNswap is a pretty cool plugin,
    It makes your image slide inside a frame and then swaps it to the next one.

    To really understand what I'm talking about see the Example Page


    That's it!

    Download Here

    github page

    jQuery plugin Page

    plans for version 0.02:

    • support for smaller images