I've recently needed an image gallery built, with some sort
of a good looking Dock.
My problem was, that all the docks I've seen try to emulate Apple's
dock, but I didn't want the sizes to change, I just wanted a nice flow,
so I just built my own dock.

Example Page

all you need to do is write a small JS code:

$(window).load(function() {
initDock($('#dock'),$('#dock img.active'),250,25);


on window.load otherwise Chrome can't calculate the image sizes,
paramter 1 - the div that holds the images
parameter 2 - the default active image
parameter 3 - basically the radius of the "affected" images,
that is, the maximum distance needed for an image to start moving.
parameter 4 - the maximum distance the images would move (upward)

for some reason the plugin doesn't work well in Firefox 4 for linux
(not sure why yet)


Download imageDock Plugin

jQuery plugin Page