In a move that may surprise many, Microsoft just made a deal to buy LinkedIn,
for the amount of $26.2 Billion.

How does this compare to the Whatsapp deal (last huge tech buy)? Well, since a picture is worth a thousand words, I've decided to make an infographic (almost a picture):

To me, Microsoft made the obvious choice. LinkedIn has a very high value for Enterprise & Large Corporations (Microsoft's major revenue stream these days).
Together with the new Office 365 suite & Skype, the addition of LinkedIn could be a nice & modern package for large businesses. Combining traditional software (office) with modern web tools (Skype & LinkedIn).

Another possibility would be to introduce LinkedIn for Businesses, an internal website only for company employees, to easily introduce colleagues, understand their skillsets and former experience, as well as quick communications.

I also expect to see tighter Skype/LinkedIn integration, maybe even allowing Skype chat right from inside LinkedIn (wouldn't that be awesome).

What do you think, was this a smart move by Microsoft?