Right Posture
Right Posture vs Reality

After another cross-country move, I've had to leave my mighty Workspace behind (complete with 2 monitors and a fierce Desktop PC). I've taken my Laptop with me, thinking that's really all I need, as I could do all my work while sitting in a park meditating (or some other ridiculous notion). Obviously I was totally wrong!

After a few months I started feeling pains in my wrists, as it turns out - laptop keyboards are not the most ergonomic things in the world. Not to mention both my neck and back were tight because I kept looking down at the screen (Laptop screens should be detachable, or at least up-down adjustable, come on, this is 2016).

It really surprises me that Laptops have evolved so little, barely accomodating to the fact that they're being used as main computers these days, instead of as "a computer on the go" (what is this, 2002?).

So I decided to do some upgrading: got a comfortable desk, a mouse, and a keyboard. The keyboard took a bit of research, I had a tendency towards Microosft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000.
The only issue was that the keyboard was GIGANTIC, and wouldn't really fit into the keyboard tray I have.
Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Giant Microsoft Keyboard, Banana for scale
So I looked for something else that has some good reviews on Amazon. Until I landed on a review video talking about Cherry KC1000 Keyboard.

Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
Cherry KC1000, smooth as butter

At first I was skeptical. No way can an €11 Keyboard deliver a good experience. I have to admit, the keys are as smooth as butter! The mouse was a good choice too (went with the VicTsing Wireless Mouse), but it wasn't as important since my main tool is the keyboard anyways.

Random tip: try Atom editor

It's basically an open sourced Sublime, but at the rate of development, the plugin library will soon surpass Sublime's.