This post will be short, very short (sorry).
So, what happened yesterday? Nexus 6 was announced!

Not only that, Android 5's name is finally revealed,
as many people guessed it: Lollipop is the name.

I'm afraid 5 inches for a Smartphone is my max, so I won't be replacing my Nexus 5 anytime soon (maybe make some flexible screens? I'm daydreaming).

Within a few weeks we got the iPhone 6 and the Nexus 6 announced, with similar names and flagship products of both companies, this is definitely a head-to-head battle.
With a 13MP camera, I'm very interested in knowing if the Nexus can finally beat the iPhone when it comes to taking pictures.
Here's some interesting bit of information: The best camera (bar none) is actually on the Lumia, which is a Windows Phone!

At any rate, phoneArena, being super fast as always, already made some nice comparison of the two devices.

Now for a small tip!

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