A few days ago, I've stumbled upon a short title on HackerNews: GitHub Student Developer Pack.

GitHub's Student Developer Pack, awesome! GitHub's Student Developer Pack, awesome!

At first I thought "oh cool, so they're giving some discounts for GitHub accounts".
Little did I know how Massive this thing is.

Let's start with what GitHub is giving you:

5 Private repositories as long as you're a student, not bad (more than enough for most people)!

This isn't even close to being the best deal in the Pack, here are some of the best ones in my opinion:

  • DigitalOcean: 100$ Free!! This is enough for 20 months using their smallest Droplet (512MB RAM, enough for most basic websites), or 10 months using their 1GB RAM droplet!
  • Namecheap: Free .ME domain for 1 year from (8.99$ worth is not much, but it's perfect to get students started building their own website)
  • Namecheap: Free SSL certificate for a year (again, 9$ worth, but crucial for making a solid e-commerce website, these days it's recommended for most SaaS products)
  • Stripe: speaking of e-commerce, how about No Fees on your first 1000$ in revenue?
  • Orchestrate.io: Database as a service, interesting concept to take care of the entire database for you, Developer account (max 50 Million API calls, 149$/mo) as long as you're a student!
  • Travis CI: Continuous integration, mostly for automating the different tests you should do before introducing new features to your code base (Unit tests, Selenium tests, whatever), you get Free private builds (69$/mo) as long as you're a student!


There are a few more, but I have to say these are the ones I found most impressive.
I've started looking into places that give you discounts/offers if you're a student, and found out that the guys from BitBucket give you their Unlimited plan (Unlimited users to share your code with, everything else is unlimited on all plans for BitBucket).

BitBucket in general is pretty awesome, because you have unlimited private repos for free.
I would definitely recommend working on BitBucket for private repositories, and using GitHub for open source projects (mainly because it gets a lot more traffic).

That's about it for this week, I'd be happy to hear of some other companies that join GitHub in its mission to help students and get them started with Web Development.