Frustrated Laptop user

Recently, my trusty Logitech G213 keyboard had started causing me problems, with a handful of keys misbehaving and making me retype search queries over and over again. This wasn’t the usual sticky key situation. A simple press of ‘N’ would sometimes throw in an extra ‘NN’ or type nothing at all. The same thing was happening with ‘G’ as well.

I started taking researching the issue from every angle, diving into the depths of online forums and tech help articles. I tried restarting, resetting, disconnecting, even gave the thing a good old-fashioned dusting. Nothing really helped.

This whole keyboard thing reminded me of something similar that happened a few years ago. I had these USB headphones that would sometimes disconnect. The only solution for that issue ended up being unplugging them from the USB hub and connecting them directly to the laptop. So I decided to try and do the same with the keyboard.

So, I unplugged my Logitech G213 from the USB hub and connected it directly to the laptop. The result - Nearly all of the key issues were resolved! I still have the occasional extra ‘N’ thrown in, but I suspect it’s mechanical. Seems that the issue is a mix of the USB hub and the keyboard. In the end it’s not a 100% fix, but it’s a significant improvement.

As an added rant - The DELL XPS. It’s a fantastic high-end laptop, but who on earth thought two USB ports would be enough? It’s like building a castle and only putting in one bathroom! In a world where USB is used for nearly every type of device and addon - a meager pair of ports just doesn’t cut it.

That’s all for this week’s keyboard adventure. If you’re having any similar issues, give the direct connection a try. Often, the simplest solutions end up being the best ones.