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I've recently read an interesting article, talking about the job market for JavaScript in 2016.
While the article presented great points on why Web Developers should invest some time and work with JavaScript, the job & market related information was US-centric. I wanted to see how things look like on the European front.

Numbers of JavaScript related jobs in major EU cities

Indeed (the website that was used in the original article to count jobs) has localized versions for most EU countries.
I looked into each capital and/or major tech city in the EU, and searched for jobs that have the keyword JavaScript.
City JavaScript jobs
London, UK 8440
Paris, France 3409
Berlin, Germany 1426
Dublin, Ireland 1304
Amsterdam, Netherlands 1227
Munich, Germany 1136
Madrid, Spain 1088
Warsaw, Poland 1049
Brussels, Belgium 495
Stockholm, Sweden 479
Budapest, Hungary 479
Rome, Italy 451
Prague, Czech Republic 443
Helsinki, Finland 310
Vienna, Austria 288
Copenhagen, Denmark 113
It's important to note that Indeed is not as popular in Europe as it is in the US.
I was on a search for some data that could give me a better indication into how lively the JavaScript community really is in these cities.

Meetups strength

After looking at a few websites, and talking to a few colleagues, I've realized that Meetup.com is a pretty good indication into how active a local community can be. It's not a 100% accurate, but it's surprisingly close.
Here's the same table as before, with the added number of members on the local AngularJS + Meteor Meetup groups:
City JavaScript jobs JavaScript Meetup members
London, UK 8440 4714
Paris, France 3409 4151
Berlin, Germany 1426 1893
Dublin, Ireland 1304 857
Amsterdam, Netherlands 1227 1536
Munich, Germany 1136 957
Madrid, Spain 1088 2200
Warsaw, Poland 1049 892
Brussels, Belgium 495 688
Stockholm, Sweden 479 949
Budapest, Hungary 479 565
Rome, Italy 451 151
Prague, Czech Republic 443 158
Helsinki, Finland 310 338
Vienna, Austria 288 844
Copenhagen, Denmark 113 417
Short note about Brussels: Brussels doesn't have an AngularJS group, but AngularJS Belgium has 2 out of 5 meetings in Brussels, so I multiplied their number of members by 2/5 (to factor that in).

It's all relative

There's something we're forgetting here - these cities have very different sizes.
Amsterdam, for example, has a population of only ~832,000 people, yet it has 1227 JavaScript related Job postings. That's far more impressive then most other cities!
For the final table, I've decided to show the Indeed and Meetup numbers (separately),
relative to each city's population:
City # of people per 1 Job # of people per 1 Meetup Member
London, UK 1011 1811
Paris, France 657 539
Berlin, Germany 2498 1881
Dublin, Ireland 404 615
Amsterdam, Netherlands 678 542
Munich, Germany 1239 1471
Madrid, Spain 2909 1438
Warsaw, Poland 1658 1950
Brussels, Belgium 354 255
Stockholm, Sweden 1915 966
Budapest, Hungary 3669 3110
Rome, Italy 5866 17523
Prague, Czech Republic 2842 7968
Helsinki, Finland 2020 1852
Vienna, Austria 6340 2163
Copenhagen, Denmark 5162 1398


I wasn't surprised to see Amsterdam & London among the top cities.
Brussels was quite a shocker to be honest. I've heard that the city is quite concentrated when it comes to Tech,
but I had no idea that it would come on top on the final table.

Seeing Vienna almost at the bottom did reflect my assumptions towards the local scene there - while very much alive and kicking, it's not very substantial when you're reminded that Vienna has a population of 1.8 Million.

By the way, the 2nd and 3rd tables are sortable.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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