underscores2Now that the holidays are over, it's time to build new things.
If we want to develop our visual creativity, and create a new Theme for WordPress, there are a few tasks that one has to do on every theme.
There's adding functions.php, customized header and footer files,
perhaps supporting rtl languages (with CSS tweaks), adding SASS support, etc.
Luckily there's a service to help you out with that!



Underscores lets you generate a theme in about 2 seconds (you only have to input the name).

The files given cover all the basics (and then some) for creating a very professional & capable theme.
You get a custom 404, archive, comments section, etc.
Obviously you are free to erase all the files you don't need, it's just handy to be reminded the customization you can do to the different post & page types of WordPress.

So that's for themes, what about Plugins? Might be even more useful to have a generator for that.


WordPress plugin boilerplate generator is a great tool to create a basic template for your plugin.
Here you have to give a few more details about your plugin, and those would be added to the plugin files and zipped together.
It had custom admin interface, css/js for both admin & front end side,
activator & deactivator script, i18n support (multiple languages).
The front end part of the plugin is completely separated, inside the public/ folder.

Those are pretty useful tools for those of you who quickly want to create WordPress Themes or Plugins.

until next week!