This week I had the chance to join The Web Summit in Dublin.
With 20,000 participants, coming from all over the world (even got to see startups from Malaysia, Japan & Australia!), I'd say it's one of the most international tech conferences out there.

The event was very well organized, splitting to 10 Stages (Center, Enterprise, Marketing, Builders, Machine, Library, Music, Sport, Food, Cinema), most people moved from Center, Enterprise, Marketing & Builders.
Obviously at lunch time everyone was moving towards the Food stage because they had the grub!

The stages were split to 3 places:

The Town, which had everything but Center, Enterprise & Food.
The Village, which had Center & Enterprise (very good idea because most of the Press was on Center stage anyways, so it avoided overcrowding).
The Food stage, which had lectures about food & tech and had our lunch too!
I've mentioned it in a tweet as well, the food there was quite possibly the best food I've ever had in a conference, let's hope the rest will follow the new standard.

There were incredible individuals, such as Urs Hölzle (senior vice president of technical infrastructure at Google), Mark Pincus (founder of Zynga), David Karp (founder of Tumblr), Adrian Grenier (The Entourage) and of course Bono (U2).
Some pictures:

Bono talking tech and music


Peter Thiel talking investments and Europe


Mark Pincus talking about startups at 1994


Adrian talking about tech & music


Until next week !