Some of you may know, that my current place of residence has changed to Tirana, Albania.

The first thing I've noticed when landing in Tirana was the coming back to Mediterranean weather (albeit milder than Tel Aviv).
The second thing I've noticed was 10 cents / kg of Watermelon, but that's just classic me :)

Since this is not a permanent residence kind of thing, I think it's best to see as much as possible from Albania (and the region), as the experience is a rare one in my opinion.

Here are some photos I took of Tirana in the past few days:


mmmm watermelon!



Some government building (forgot which one, but it's pretty nice looking)

The artificial lake

IMG_20140816_193827 IMG_20140816_193832

IMG_20140816_193900 IMG_20140816_195208


IMG_20140816_200604 IMG_20140807_123723
Same place, different view

These photos were taken near Vlorë (south west of Tirana, on the shoreline)

IMG_20140808_122735 IMG_20140808_131139