Hello everyone!
It's been a while (2 weeks!) since I've written a tech related post,
but give me a break - it's the holidays!

At any rate, I've decided to look into my archives and
dig up some interesting skeletons, namely - jQuery plugins!
About 2 years ago I was working as a freelancer in Friedrichshain in a very sunny office
(top floor office, all windows, summer time),
so just like superman I was energized enough to write some extra plugins on the side
(some but not all were partially inspired by my work - shocking isn't it?).

Fair warning though, the plugins are very far from being polished,
some of them are quite horrible looking (code-wise),
but perhaps publishing them will motivate me to free up some time and make them better.
Then again, perhaps not.

Let's start:


Similar to the Mac icon dock (or taskbar, forgive me if I'm not using the right terminology, I've never owned a Mac),
This simple plugin makes the icons follow your mouse movement,
and on click it'll show you the image you clicked on.
Example Page

Github Repo


SlideNSwap was an attempt to simulate some flash gallery one of my clients had built ages ago.
Obviously, no one was supporting flash galleries anymore even back at 2011 (at least no one that my client could find),
so we decided to translate the effect to JavaScript, for the sake of future debugging.
The result is quite pleasing, I've even added some Controllers (in a separate js file)
Example Page
Github Repo

Next & Prev Wrap

I was having some issues with the fact that the .next() and .prev() don't wrap.
What I mean is that when you're using .next() on a last child element, or .prev() on a first child element, you'd get nothing.
I wanted to get the first and last child elements accordingly (so that it would loop around the elements).
Can't provide an Example Page this time, not much visual to show here.
You simple use the function $('selector').nextWrap() and .prevWrap()...
Github Repo

Custom Cursor

I wanted to have a custom image (jpg) file as a cursor, instead of just a .cur file.
Some browsers however, do not support any jpg/png files for cursors (IE I'm talking about you!),
so I had to make a workaround.
There are some known issues with this plugin, and someday I'll improve it.
Example Page

Github Repo

Hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays!