A few new things were introduced on Google I/O yesterday.appengine_with_php

Soon you'll be able to talk to Google.com by saying
"Ok, Google" and then search for whatever you'd like.
Some advancements were shown for Google+ and for Chrome, nothing major though.
There was even a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Vanilla Android introduced (are you suggesting 8 GB of Samsung crapware is not something everyone wants??),
and a new IDE for Android development called Android Studio (now that's getting more interesting).

Another good thing released in the past day, is a support for a new language on the Google App Engine.
Of all the languages I would've suspected Google to support, PHP is definitely a surprise.

I mean, Google doesn't do much with PHP, one would think that with the ongoing work on V8,
that they might add support for JS, Dart, even Ruby would've made a little sense (seems to be popular on Heroku).

Something that seems interesting though, is that Google might be trying to get a huge chunk
of the developer community (face it, most web developers are PHP developers),
and get it to deploy their apps on App Engine (loads of advantages for that).

With Heroku not supporting PHP (though Amazon Web Services do),
this might be a smart move.

I guess only time will tell.

On a more personal note, being with over a decade experience with PHP,
I'm definitely more than glad that the support was added,
and will look into deploying some apps in the near future!