Sometimes when I start a new project, the work is pretty
The first few weeks usually involve major changes to the directory structure.

It's very important (at least for me) to keep it as flexible as possible
in the beginning so as not to get stuck with something unreliable and unusable at the end.
Because of the major changes that happen early on, I tend to steer away from Source Control solutions (git, svn, etc.)

This might not be the best way to go, but I find that if I start using Source Control right at the top, the first commits
are pretty much huge multi-featured changes that I won't want to revert anyways.

So what I usually do is start the project on my Dropbox folder.
Every time you save a file on Dropbox is saves it as the "current version",
you're able to see all of the versions of your files easily on their website.

This is very good for basic source control, backups (obviously), and a bit of an overview as to
what was done in the past few days.

Dropbox doesn't offer anything like git, not to mention github tools,
but it's enough for getting started, and it does it all automatically which is a big plus.

I would still definitely recommend people to, once they have some alpha version of the project,
add a real source control solution to it, it's a life saver.