Raspberry Pi is an amazing thing.
To put it short, it's a chip the size of a credit card, full of inputs and outputs
(such as HDMI, Audio out, LAN, USB, SD card).
The main reason for its development is to teach kids to program.
Seeing as though I am (sadly) no longer a child, I see other possibilities to this device.
How about making appliances in your house talk to each other?

I would love it if my washing machine could start an hour before I get home.
So I could load it up in the morning, and it'll be ready as soon as I'm home.

With a bit of technical ingenuity, same could be done by making a simple dinner.
I'm not talking about anything fancy, a digital temperature sensor costs 4$ ,
You can even make pasta, or start the oven ?

I believe that this step really brings the hardware realm closer to programmers.
So if someone already knows coding, but doesn't know much about engineering,
he could still develop something great (don't forget the Arduino example)