RainbowHello my fellow readers,

It's been a while since I wrote something of meaning,
and sadly this post is not of great meaning as well.

I've been busy, having some projects laying around
and some DB structures to draw.

Today I would like to discuss Audio Capturing on the Browser.
For many years, if someone wanted to add Media Capturing capabilities
to his website, he had to use Flash.

Sure, Java Applet were an option, but are you kidding me?

At any rate, I always found it ridiculous that you have to use
a(n extremely) closed-sourced solution to get a little creativity going on the web.

Sadly, even the holy HTML5 didn't offer an out of the box solution
for capturing Video and Audio. In my case, the Audio is more important,
mainly since for Video capturing there are a lot of tools already,
that although they do use Flash, they usually don't make you deal with it too much.

I did some research and found that someone on Mozilla is working on something similar.

Mozilla Rainbow is an experimental tool (installed as an Extension)
that allows you the capturing of Audio and Video on Firefox,
through a Javascript API (!!)

The main problem I had with this tool, is that it's not supported on Linux,
plus it's a fairly new and none-matured solution.

And so, I made a request on the Mozilla feature request forums,
to enable Audio Capture on Firefox.

I'll try to follow up on that one, in the hopes that someone will implement that
on the next Firefox nightly build

I just hope that David, the person who asked the question
could find this post.