With two new Albums from my favorite bands in one month,
(well, not calendar month, but whatever)
I spent most of my weekly doings with 21 songs.
10 songs from The Strokes’ new album, Angles.
11 songs from the Foo Fighters new album, Wasting Light.

I want to start with Angles, mainly because I’ve been listening to it longer.
We start off with a nice little track, Machu Picchu.
I can’t help but thinking of a similarity to MGMT while hearing this song.
and I’m not the only one...
nevertheless, the album starts off well, especially
with the following track, Under The Cover of Darkness.
Now that’s more The Strokes that I know.
However, there’s a strange change of rhythm afterwards, something that reminds me of later parts of their albums
(mostly at track 5-6, except Is This It which had a slow-down on Soma and a pick-me-up with a Someday-Last Night combo).
What I did notice, this sort of odd ambiguous rhythm doesn’t really change,
It will follow you for the rest of the album.
The songs are good, really good, I can’t ignore tracks like Taken For A Fool (Toxic Radio),
Metabolism and tell you these are not excellent songs.

The main problem is the after First Impressions of Earth
It’s a little hard to listen to something that sounds more like Room on Fire.
Though I can’t deny, The Strokes did some new interesting things,
and they seem to have found a promising direction, but their tracks are just
not as clean and accurate as they were in their last album.

Which leads me to the Foo Fighters, with their new album - Wasting Light.
After getting use to the first 15 seconds of the album (sounds like banging on rusty pipes),
I really loved how the album is built, in my opinion the Foo Fighters always know
how to make an album that would never be boring, something that I’ve seen many,
better bands, fail with.
I don’t want to get into specific tracks here (Arlandria FTW!!@@!).
But even with the Foo Fighters, I can’t ignore the fact that their last album,
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, was a freaking masterpiece, and it’s hard to top it.

All in all, it reminds me a little of Pearl Jam’s Backspacer, you just can’t top
Pearl Jam (the album)

I really recommend getting these albums and deciding for yourself.