I've been needing a 3 certain macros for Netbeans that are found on Notepad++ (someone should kill those developers for not making a version for linux).

In order to create macros for Netbeans just go to Tools>Options>Editor>Macros
I've stumbled upon a small table of the commands, and after playing around with them I got it:

  1. Delete Line: set as Ctrl+L, Macro Code: remove-line4
  2. Toggle Lines (probably the most useful, switch line with above), set as Ctrl+T, Macro Code: select-line cut-to-clipboard caret-up paste-from-clipboard
  3. Duplicate Line, set as Ctrl+D, Macro Code: copy-selection-else-line-down caret-up

Hope you'll find those Macros as useful as I found them.