For those who do not have me on Facebook,
I've been disconnected from the Internet in the last 30 days (give or take),
and will be disconnected for the next couple of weeks.

The main reason is that I had faith, faith that if I pay for something
I might just get it, turns out 1&1 (the name of the ISP) proved me wrong.
Just the fact that you're a paying customer, doesn't mean they have to deliver.
Actually, it doesn't even mean they have to inform you when your order is canceled,
without being able to explain why, or what you can do to enable it... or why did you
have to wait 20 minutes on the line to find that out instead of having them contacting you
even though they request your email and cellphone number when you ordered.

This photo means "20 years 1&1"
which probably indicates the fastest delivery time measured.

After that fiasco, I decided it doesn't matter anymore, although my flatmate tried to convince me that I could be able to enable my account,
I figured out that if this is the company I'm going to be dealing with in the next year or two, I decided to stop it right there.

After speaking with a couple of people on the subject, and already knowing the Alice DSL have made a number very unhappy, I decided to go with Kabel Detuschland.

For starters, the deal itself was a lot cheaper, with only a year of contract (instead of 2 for 1&1), and double the Internet spead (100MB), not to mention the fact that it is actually a lot cheaper..
After ordering it online (still getting sporadic connections from the neighbors, thanks guys!), I decided to call them to see how long should I expect on waiting.

First of all, they have a free calling service, which means that I don't have to pay about 30 cents per minute of the pleasure of waiting for the mighty service man.
Plus, I didn't wait more than 2 minutes and there was someone helpful and not incompetent on the line.

After 2 days I got a call from a technician, they should be coming at the 7th of March to install.
Which, if you do the math, is less than 2 weeks, which is pretty good.

Naturally I'm not praising Kabel Deutschland until the Internet connection would be installed and the average speed test would indicate a minimum of 85 MBPS on average.
But comparing to the crappy service from 1&1, they are definitely looking good.

considering making a "1&1 suck balls" fan page on facebook, tell me if you'll support that

On a train ride today, I saw the Spree near the Warschauer straße station, it was almost frozen solid:
(sorry for the quality, I took the photo through the U-bahn windows)
icy spree icy spree 2