Back from another meaningless day at the office.
You are tempted to just sit back and relax.
After probably working the same job for over a year
(2 years? 20?), nothing is new to you, hardly even need
to use your brain in the mindless little dictatorship you call work.
And so, you go back home, yearning for some rest. from what?
Unsure, you sit down, have a slice of an over greasy pizza resting
on your belly, and turn on the TV.
Watch the sad clowns riding a unicycle just to give you
half a smile and a chuckle at best.
Is this your life? No!
These are just entertainers, actors that try to
make a living while your mind is dying.
But please, don’t stop watching. Otherwise what else
could you do with your life?
Living a fake reality while it eats
what’s left of your life, you are connected
to a one sided network of numb, careless individuals
that invest 40 hours a week for a chuckle.