The surge of life runs into me.
Something I have never felt before.
Young, passionate, unexplainable feeling of love.
Like a Storm, you electrify my life.
Drawn into a complete new world,
while somehow still feeling at home.

A Storm rises, the likes of which I have never seen.
I never imagined such force was possible.
The Metallic sounds of hail falling on the pipes.
There is no bloom, just force, force beyond my recognition.

A white sheet covering my past, everything clears.
Somehow the most silent of them all,
Drawing close under the covers.
Soft fall of snow, almost looks warm from
inside, a feeling of a self induced coma.
Even doing nothing is better together.

And though this season is not a strange to me,
I am still waiting for its encounter.
Like a kid waiting for the summer,
already full of anticipation for whats to come.
Holding a loaf of bread and still looking for a crumb.