I started searching through small projects of Gnome (Tasque, Tomboy, Glipper)
and I was sad to see that a lot of them are less than active.
Now, as for comparison, I searched a couple of KDE projects and things are very different.

Klipper for instance, is a very active project in KDE.
Also, it seems that Gnome's website is actually hiding the small projects,
it's almost as if they are trying to kill them on purpose.

I think that small projects can die like flies in the open source world.
Especially because usually there's one developer
so if he can't contribute anymore, the software usually dies.

I think the most important thing is to open up easier contribution systems
right from the Gnome website, making it easier to give and get feedback.

All these issues seem relatively known to the public, but for some reason are not addressed.
I don't want Gnome Apps to lose community, but they might if this continues.

By the way, Why don't I use KDE? Because I like my computer fast.

On the next post I'll try to see what's the status with Drupal module development.