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4 Cool homemade jQuery plugins!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while (2 weeks!) since I’ve written a tech related post, but give me a break – it’s the holidays! At any rate, I’ve decided to look into my archives and dig up some interesting skeletons,

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Hover Effect in Javascript (like in FireBug)

Or: Making a Select element effect. I’ve been trying to create an element selection tool for Javascript. The effect would be similar to FireBug (for those who know) – I just wanted to highlight whichever element the user has his

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Chosen.js – a proper Select box solution with javascript

Chosen.js is a very needed javascript library that handles select boxes beautifully. Finally there’s a solution for basically all those annoying select box javascript tricks I had to do over and over again.. The Chosen.js library allows the possibility to

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Jquery Click function excluding child elements

I’ve been searching for a way to make a click function work only on a certain element, excluding the element’s children.. After a short search, I’ve found this function However it was disturbing some click functions I made for the

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Jparallax, the jQuery plugin that killed flash.

Unbelievable mouse movement animation, I see it, but I still can believe how easy it is to implement it. Jparallax is a jQuery plugin that let’s you have many layers moving around according to the mouse’s position good example:

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The Inability to automate forms via jQuery or Php

I’ve tried it many times, but it seems impossible. The reason is simple: the remote script checks the Headers so you can’t send data from another server.

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