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Random Tips for programmers

This week I wasn’t able to continue my writing about MeanJS (relocation takes a LOT of your otherwise free time apparently). So I’ve assembled a short list of some tips learned in the past few weeks: Github’s quick file search

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For those who wonder where’s the post

I know I know, the weekly post is missing, oh dear. I’m afraid I had a flight on the same day, here are some pictures from a daily trip to ease your mind: I suppose it’s always sunny in Israel

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Christmas in Prague

Just in case some of you were expecting a post yesterday, I must remind you, it was Christmas! Don’t I get any day off? At any rate, I didn’t have much time to write anything because Prague was calling. Here

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Berlin Independent Night

I had the great opportunity to be in the Berlin Independent Night, A very nice Indie festival, I was really impressed with Team Me (they were AMAZING), and of course Miss Li did a great show. Here are some videos

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צעדת המיליון

בעוד כ24 שעות, אני עולה על מטוס וחוזר חזרה למקום שבו גרתי בשנה האחרונה – ברלין. אחת מהסיבות העיקריות למעברי לגרמניה היתה כלכלית. לא רציתי לגור עד גיל 25 עם ההורים, ובטח שלא רציתי לחיות תחת תמיכתם גם לאחר מכן.

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Cee Lo Green – Fox News (fuck you)

Yesterday I watched the Colbert Report. The last guest was Cee Lo Green, a very talented singer better known as a member from Gnarls Barkley. Anyway, Stephen suggested that he would use some other words instead of Fuck You for

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