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Birthday pause!

I know I promised a post about WP CLI (and it’s coming, don’t worry), but it just so happens that today’s my Birthday! In the past 3 years I’ve celebrated each Birthday in a different country, I hope to keep

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Pictures of Tirana, Albania

Some of you may know, that my current place of residence has changed to Tirana, Albania. The first thing I’ve noticed when landing in Tirana was the coming back to Mediterranean¬†weather (albeit milder than Tel Aviv). The second thing I’ve

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Why Facebook is making a PHP renaissance

I’m gonna be honest, I care about servers. This might have something to do with my playing around with Linux when I was a kid. Not only was I familiar with package managers, compiling downgrading, upgrading, and do on, but

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Generating with MeanJS and Yeoman Generator

One of my favorite things with Yii is the Gii (Generator). With a few clicks I could simply add a few Models/Controllers/Views (or all of the above), then build/customize those. MeanJS uses the Yeoman/Yo generator to make this happen. After

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Random Tips for programmers

This week I wasn’t able to continue my writing about MeanJS (relocation takes a LOT of your otherwise free time apparently). So I’ve assembled a short list of some tips learned in the past few weeks: Github’s quick file search

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For those who wonder where’s the post

I know I know, the weekly post is missing, oh dear. I’m afraid I had a flight on the same day, here are some pictures from a daily trip to ease your mind: I suppose it’s always sunny in Israel

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